Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wine Country

On Saturday Morning, 
we dropped Shiva off at the boarder, 
and headed up to wine country. 

First, we stopped in Santa Rosa. 

The weather was perfect, 
so we meandered a bit, 

before our table at Russian River Brewery was ready. 

To say the place was "packed" is an understatement. 
BUT, the "everything" sampler, totally made it worth it.  

You HAVE to get it if you go. 
It's really not -that- much, 
especially when drank with food and over time. 
AND it's tasty. 

Then we drove around, looking at vineyards, 
sampling some of the wines, 
and generally enjoying the day. 

We eventually found ourselves at Red Car Winery. 
If you're in Santa Rosa, you should really stop by. 
Fun atmosphere, great people, even greater wine.  

We might have joined their wine club. 
OH, and all the artwork on their bottles is STELLAR. 
Check out this set, which have a boxing theme going.  

Finally, we went to Rosso for dinner.  

While the pizza is excellent, 
the bruschetta is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G  

we headed over to our meet our wedding coordinator, 
and walk around our venue. 
THIS is the only photo I have. 

I didnt take a lot of pictures, 
because I was getting a lot done. 
I'm not going to tell you anything about the wedding, 
except its going to be beautiful and perfect. 
I'm so excited. 

We had one last chance to grab some food in the Valley of the Moon, 
before heading back to the work week.  


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  1. ah, I love this. Russian River is one of my favorite breweries - and their pizza is delicious as well.

    I know that you don't want to share too much about the wedding, but I'd love to talk to you about picking your venue. I'm looking for one in Sonoma country right now so any info would be AWESOME!