Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Update

Another great weekend in the books. 
(I know I've failed you guys for weeks on the blog..I'm trying)
Here's some scenes from the last weekend. 

Before I give my dad his new CD, 
we popped open a nice bottle of bubbles and sang along. 
 Foo Fighters + Fortunate Son = GO LISTEN NOW. 

Shiva's been extra cuddly this weekend.
Maybe it's due to her escape, or my random sickness,
 or she's just growing into a fantastically awesome puppy. 

Mike has developed a gift for putting her to sleep. 
It might look quite Evangelical, but it works on me too. 

I'm really falling for California and it's supply of fresh berries. 

We bought extras of our July 4th feast,
so we had feast pt 2.  

Did you wonder what happened with the berries?

I went to Macy's to pick up a $60 dress that I saw online. 
I ended up getting TWO dresses for $64 instead. 
AND, I fit into a smaller size than I thought. 
Lesson: Browse Online. Shop Inside. 

We also found ourselves full of heart. 
Jelly American donuts,  

and another batch of Mama's biscuits. 

Finally, we went on a hunt for specific summer beverages. 
In addition, we took a nice couples photo ;) 

I miss this wee blog. 
Here's hoping I can make it a real comeback. 
But don't call it that. 

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