Monday, July 15, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Just a few snapshots of our weekend, 
to rush away the last of the Monday blues. 

Evidence of the garden murder. 
Shiva is so guilty.

Waiting for our cheese fondue at dinner. 
I promise a full report of this place. 
Dinner has never been so fun.  

A row of boozy goodness on Santana Row. 

"Sweet" snuggles.  

Did you know Barnes and Nobles sells cute beach totes? 

We've been trying to get ready for a new season of Newsroom. 
Chinese food helps.  

Saturday night shenanigans.  

A bathroom attendant you don't have to tip! 

If someone could figure out how to make weekends longer, 
or make Monday morning less painful, 
I'm all ears. 

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