Saturday, January 1, 2011

4 quick things

Not only has a new year came and went, (Hello 2011!) but a whole new decade. So much has changed in a year, and then to think about being 14..and now being 24, it's insane. It can be a bit overwhelming. So, lets focus on the little things, shall we?

Nc State's football team won their bowl game over the holiday week. The stadium was flooded with red and I was super impressed with the year. Like always, the Bell Tower turned a glorious color of red . Go Pack!

Mike's Challah bread french toast was to die for. End of Story.

(one of) My favorite things about Mike's place: The library of "must reads" that adorn the wall. There are two small stacks I'm working through that I'll show later, but the wall itself is pretty impressive. I love having someone who likes similar literature and can show me stuff I havent heard of, that I like. Heck, its just nice to have someone who encourages reading and learning on a daily basis :)

Finally, these boots. I forgot how much I loved them. They're super comfy, colorful and fit over my jeans very nicely. The best part about cold weather (did I mention I got them for $11)
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