Monday, January 3, 2011

NYE (2010)

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This year, to ring in the glorious new year, a bunch of Raleigh people (5 total) traveled the 3+ hours up into VA for NYE. Little black dresses, glamorous accessories and hats and photo ops were the early winners of the night.

Keeping with tradition, new cheap sunglasses had been purchased, and you know what that means. Everyone has to try them on. Everyone. and take lots of photos. Lots.

The bonus for this year, VezuzuzlfnavoievnagwpagI CANT SPELL THEM, the really annoying sounding horns from the World Cup. Oh yes, they were there. In spirit, in attendance, in full use. Some people used them more than others.
Mike requested a bonus Vuvuzela picture, as it was his favorite of the night..and you can imagine who is behind the green horn to the left...
But, good times had by all. A good sayonara to a bad year, and a sweet HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLOOOOOOOO lovely to a new start. :)

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