Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Weekend..in Food (times 4)

It's been a while. I'm due for a update. What better way to do it, than with food!?

Mike is a prince and I have a love affair with Mexican food. Thursday night, he took me out to dinner to the restaurant up the street, where margarita pitchers were on special and they have a fresh salsa bar. This was the only shot I managed to snap. I ate the rest to fast, and its always a challenge to get Mike to pause eating to take a photo...

First up. I have spoken before about the importance of peanut butter to my family. Lets just say, it's quite similar to Mike's love affair with Hummus. So, here you have our traditional snack. Mine on the left: Pita chips and peanut butter, and Mike's on the right: Red Pepper Hummus and Pita chips. Nom. Nom. 

Friday night was a friend's birthday party. We went to dinner at a trendy place in downtown Raleigh where I got the "spicy beef and noodles" pictured below. The atmosphere was lovely and it was all around a great night, with dinner followed by a round of bowling at the Hillsboro St. bowling alley,. 

Saturday Morning: We had both gotten coupons for the new Spicy Chicken Biscuit from Chick-fil-A. Well, Mike is a culinary genius (at times) and he decided to add egg and cheese to his breakfast. It was just as delicious as you imagined. Also, the spicy chicken was just as spicy as I thought it would be, and delicious. 

Saturday night we had dinner at a friend's house. Ive just met her recently, but she really is a gem, and the menu showed that. BBQ, pasta, DELICIOUS chocolate truffles (that I now possess the recipe too) and both red and white wine. Lots of friends were there and we played a couple different games, while watching some very important football. (ahem... GO JETS)

Mike likes to joke that Cookout was our first "romantic dinner." I'll let him explain that one to you, but late night on Saturday, after the lovely dinner party, we made a late night stop to Cookout. I remember going there after QUITE a few nights in college, and at one point, I lived within walking distance...so,  nothing says comfort like chicken tenders, hushpuppies, fries and a Huge sweet tea. 

 So, there ya go. <3 See you later this week. 

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