Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/12/11 - Day 2

After getting some MUCH needed sleep, Mike and I woke up and went downstairs. Ladies and Gents, I ATE PASTRAMI! it's actually good. Its a red color that I hadn't seen before. We spent some time hanging out with his mother (who is quite lovely, by the way) before heading back into the big city. I really wanted to go up to the Top of the Rock (the views are incredible). So as we were walking towards Rockefeller Center, Mike Stops. Meerkat stance, eyes lit up. He's just looking at the Nintendo store. "Can we go?!" Oh, HOW could we not? So in we go and look at the Wii and the new DS and then upstairs was the Nintendo "museum"  where they have all the consoles and accessories (including the Duck Hunter gun!). I love this picture of Mike staring lovingly at Mario. I overheard some people telling their kids about the consoles from the 80s and 90s. I'm not a fan of "antiques" being from the same period I was born. Nope. 

ANYWAY, we played around inside for a while and then headed over to the Top of the Rock. It was most definitely the smallest line I've ever seen. Yes, it was quite QUITE chilly. BUT, the views were incredible, like always. (Again, the photo below was taken with Mikes phone,  but the colors in the clouds are beyond awesome)

 It was super romantic, and on the way up, they have those photo op things. I normally dont end up buying them, but the ones we took look really cute. They're at the house, and I need some new frame..mmmm

MOVING ON. Here's another shot from Mike's phone, taken longways. I love the clouds and how illuminated the city looks. 

So, you have to play right? "Hold up" the leaning tower of Pisa or the Washington Monument, put your face on Mount, WHAT WOULD YOU DO to the Empire state building?

Here's a couple, PRETTY AWESOME, options:

If you are Terri: You have seen A Christmas Story, or at least HEARD about licking metal poles in Winter. (Go youtube the scene from the Christmas classic..GO!) Ok, see...adorable. So, thats what I wanted to do. The face makes this: 

If you are Mike, you like smashing things, and have spent tons of time playing video games and you wanna touch the top: 

Either way: We are both pretty awesome. The views were gorgeous and we got an awesome picture to put on the kitchen table (see below) 

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