Saturday, February 26, 2011

End of Day 2 (and 101 things victory!)

After the TOTR, we went to the Broadway station in Times Square where we stood in line for a while waiting to get tickets. When we got up to the booth, they had 7th row tickets, so, there we go. Excited with our victory, we decided that we needed Cheesecake, or cannolli. We found a place called Roxy's in times square, so we settled in. The cheesecake was fine, but the HIGHLIGHT of the restaurant, was the menu. How to Speak Deli. Mike was beyond amused trying to get me to pronounce things properly without my southern coming through, so we had to take a quick photo to continue my education ;-)

Afterwards, we headed to the show. I hadnt heard about it, before Friday, but once we had tickets, there were billboards EVERYWHERE. 

The people were kinda creepy accurate. They could play instruments the same (head bobbing drums) and the accents and voice inflections were awesome. Standing outside, the door gives you a good sneak peak of the set up of the show. They go through the entire catalog..different periods with different costumes. 

Did I MENTION how close we were? The seats were incredible. My 101 things list included: See a Broadway show, On Broadway. CHECK! Awesome seats? CHECK! More than I could expect. Awesome :)

Mike went and got us a couple Magic Hats, which were served in these nifty collectible spill proof cups, that we now have in our kitchen. WIN! 

So, during the show: they show footage to get you in the mood, and randomly show audience members. It was really cool to watch people get so excited, and to see parents dancing with kids and grandparents doing the twist. Plus, of course, they played Let it Be. I teared. 

After the show, we caught the subway into Little Italy, for my only other "must" in NYC. Cannoli. We didn't make it to Ferrarra's, but we stopped at a smaller place along the way. It was ridiculously fancy but, its delicious, and thus, FOOD WIN. I have got to learn how to make cannoli.  We had heard Another late night train ride back to Long Island. Another long day. Another AWESOME day. 

No pictures from the next morning, but we spent some time hanging out with Mike's family and we went to brunch with his parents and one of his sisters and her boyfriend. We laughed and generally had a really good time. I can't explain how awesome this weekend was: the planning from Mike, the hospitality from his parents, the city itself. Simply amazing. Best Valentines Day ever. 

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