Friday, February 25, 2011

The American Museum of Natural History

The first thing Mike and I did when we got into the city was head to the American Museum of Natural History. I'd been once before, in an absolutely horrible trip, so I was beyond excited to get to go back and explore. and play. and read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. We walked first into the ancient animal hall. There were Dinosaur bones, studies on the skull sizes and shapes of different ancient animals and prehistoric beasts! There was also a large amount of art studies, sitting around and sketching. I peeked at their work as I was walking around. The one to the RIGHT however, was the best one I saw. I spliced the picture up with the bones he was sketching. Mike and I watched him work for quite a while before we finally walked away. Slowly. After making sure I got a really good shot.

As we were walking through, we took a ton of photos. I found some prehistoric turtles and Mike let me act silly. HE LOOKS SO HAPPY, so I had to make a similar Happy Face to Mr. Ancient Turtle.

I managed to get Mike in on the Sillyfest. Below : Mike or GIANT SHARK? Terri mouth or Megladon mouth?

Mike was really excited to go to the Brain exhibit that was the "special feature." We had tickets for a certain entry time, so we got to space out our Museum visit around the BRAIN exhibit. They did however, put these little stickers all over the floors, guiding you from the 4th or 2nd floor to the 3rd, then around the twists and turns to the exhibit. It was really cool. They also took special mention of the super NYC tapwater, luring unsuspecting tourists and city-ists alike into tasting water instead of filling up plastic and hurting the planet. (HA!) In all actuality, it was ACTUALLY really good. Why can't Raleigh water taste like that?

When we finally made it inside the BRAIN exhibit. There was a plethora of cool things. They had exhibits explaining why sight reading is much more difficult than performing something you've practiced (Ask Mike about the Mammal, Lizard and Human brains) Below are two of my favorite parts: On the LEFT: there were two brain puzzles, that if you thought far enough head of what moves you were going to make, you could complete the puzzle (with the necessary rules) within 16 steps. I DID IT. Yes, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Hopefully this will help me out with chess vs Mike. On the right, is a Mona Lisa, made completely of spools of thread. Everyone knows that your brain sees things upside down then scrambles the signals (and No, that could not have been less scientific.) Well, there was the awesome little ball that if you looked through, you could see it upside down. Mike took the awesome shot below, with his iPhone4. jealousy. anyway, moving ON. 

On our way out of the brain exhibit, we both got insanely molecules. Oh, the things that define love. "easily distracted by molecules.." HA. THESE bad boys are why poison dart frogs are poison. You can kinda seen the tiny little frogs that are associated with each one. I kinda want dart frogs. You can buy them at exotic reptile shows with the chemicalproducing glands removed. :)

The only other exhibit Mike was really excited about (from the beginning) was Tibetan Medicinal Paintings. The exhibit just opened, but the originial paintings are from the 1600-1700s. They were recreated and describe the body and anatomy and various diagnosis and treatments. Mike was very very excited about the "Greater Elixir of Rejuvenation" and wants to recreate it ASAP. The other picture is just an example of how..well..creepy the depictions were. 

OK SO.  The last time, I was at the AMNH, I didnt get a chance to see the next exhibit. I was pretty much "not allowed" so, I WAS BEYOND EXCITED to get to go. I'm a dork. I love evolutionary biology and biochemistry. WHAT MAJOR FINDING IS AT AMNH that would matter to someone like me? LUCY! Now, super dork time, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is a "special" song for me and Mike, so that adds some bonus to them. I was giggly, and almost heartbroken. I thought the museum closed at 5, so I didnt think we were gonna get to see her, but Mike asked, and NOPE, it closed at 6, so OFF WE WENT. May I present to you, Mike and myself, with Lucy. :)

After a full blown nerd afternoon, Mike and were on our way to a burger place his dad mentioned (next post, go look) we were walking up a few blocks as the sun was setting. It made the museum look suspiciously like Hogwarts. from multiple angles. Dorky ending to a dorky adventure. 

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