Saturday, February 26, 2011

After NHM

So, we decided, post AMNH to head up the street to the Shake Shack. On the walk up, we started talking about going to other places. I really wanted to hit the Met up, (next time! it is all about making goals) and I mentioned that I had been to the Met and didnt really understand the crazy part of some "modern art." We happened to spot a dead bird on the street, in the middle of this chat, which we laughed about until we were tearing up. Then there was a dead mouse...which made it worse, or better..depending on which way you think. Anyway, we made it to the Shack: got the requisite Burger and Shake and tried to plan out the night. 

Mike really wanted to go to the Comedy Cellar that night to see Dave Attell, among others. The show was at 11:30 that night (now, keep in mind, we got up at the morning..before the sun...birds were angry because we woke them....ok) So, the only way to stay awake long enough, is to keep superduper busy. So, we did what any set of tourists will do. We went to Times Square. One of our first stops was the Disney Store. They've redone it since I was there last, so there weren't GIANT sculptures of favorite characters, but they did have huge displays of fluffy ones. The pooh bear wall brought back great memories for both Mike and myself (tut tut, it looks like rain!) and the Alice in Wonderland set was great too. (See, Me (red queen) and Mike and Oliveoi as the Cheshire Cat, ADORABLE) Also, Like I do: There were hats. I tried them on. Minnie Mouse ears were the best.

After that, we walked around Times Square more until I stopped. Dead. In my tracks. Wicked? Phantom? Love. Yes please. Thank You. THEN, I saw the Rain in the corner. Mike's ears perked up and he promised we would venture back into town the next day to try to score seats to the Beatles tribute on Broadway. (GO LOOK at the 101list, Broadway Show, on Broadway..SUCCESS)

We popped onto the subway and headed down to where the Comedy Cellar is. We found an Irish pub to sit at for a bit and have a few drinks, and coffees, and sugar packets (I was dying at this point..nap was needed) so Mike decided I should get out and walk around a bit. We stepped a few steps outside, COLD + SLEEPTERRI = GRUMPYTERRI. Mike put us on the wait list for tickets (very close to the top) and swiftly moved me around to find things to keep me from dying from sleepy. We found a small pizza joint near the club that we could SEE the stove from outside, so we went in. They only sold by the pie, so we grabbed one and a couple sodas and settled in - burning out mouths with cheese and listening to eastern european technopop. 

WELL, we made it into the show. I think we were both on the verge of either crying (me) or falling over in the street (him) from exhaustion. The show was hilarious and we both laughed for a couple hours..until Dave came onstage. We were quite disappointed, he'll tell you more. I'm still on a quest to figure out who the guy was from Flight of the Conchords. BONUS: on the way out of the club that night, Mike got to meet Ryan Grant, fresh of his Super Bowl win. He was a little start struck, and said the guy was genuinely nice to the fans that were meeting him and offering congratulations. 

Afterwards, we stumbled onto the train and back to Long Island. We finally made it back around 3am, which gave us a 23 hour day. An amazing, exciting, awesomely wonderful Valentines I can honestly say, I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. 

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