Friday, February 25, 2011

New York, how I've missed thee

I'm not even going to attempt to squeeze 7000 pictures into two posts and possibly make you lose your  mind. So, we'll go step wise, dont worry, I have your back. I was really excited to head up to New York. I love the city, its glorious, and I was kinda excitednervous to meet Mike's parents, plus it was on my list of 101 things to do (LINK!) ONWARDS!

 Like I said, we got onto our super early flight and managed to make it into NYC around 9. Mike's dad graciously picked us up from the airport and then graciously took us to a delicious diner. I was too excited to get coffee and food into my stomach, so no pictures there.

Anyway, we headed back to Mike's house (in Long Island) and dropped our stuff off, then headed to the train station. We ended up missing the train, luckily they come fairly regularly and so he mentioned stopping into this little coffee shop right underneath. As we walked in, he looked over and told me that the guy behind the counter was the same guy that worked there when he was in high school. We sat down at the bar and noticed everyone was staring at the television. At 6:00pm Egypt time, Mubarak's resignation was announced, and at the same time, we waltzed into a cafe and saw the exuberance on the face of "the guy behind the counter" as he told us of his Egyptian heritage and what this meant to him. A pretty neat coincidence and definitely a great way to watch something extremely historic happen.

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