Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Mashup

Helloooo Friday :)

So, I've had a ton of fun getting into the Christmas-Hanukkah spirit,
and I'd love to show you some of my favorites:

You've already seen my mantle,

and my favorite festive wine glass & bottle stopper,

but allow me to show you my wreath,

and the key holder thingymabob.

Here's a cute closeup of the cute pinecone snowman:

Here's a couple adorable family photos from our first annual Sled Race

what? Of course we have a sled race.
Click this link, and watch for yourself.


Now on to the silly stuff:
To celebrate the last night of Hannukah tomorrow,
with a dash of sparkles, of course:
This week's Friday Fancies

serious sparkle

and this weeks manicure,
sponsored by my homesickness:
Juleps (sweet) Caroline: (bah bah bah!)

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Have a good weekend, y'all!!


  1. the blue sparkles are unexpected but SO classy! love this.

  2. OMG. that is some serious sparkle. I have 4 black tie events coming up in the next 8 weeks... Do you think I could order it by then?

  3. I love the rest of your decorations! So cute!

    Those blue sparkles are amazing!

  4. That dress is stunning! I wish I had somewhere fancy to wear a dress like that to!

  5. thanks, now you got that song in my head:) Great color!

  6. oooo i love that blue sparkly outfit!!

    perfection :)

  7. I love your mantel! Did you make the JOY? It's all very cute. I love the nail polish. And now that song is stuck in my head. I need to make a Jib Jab this year. I forgot all about it!

  8. I love the blue as well... very festive! Glad I came across your blog.. its super cute!

  9. OOOOOO I like that color! And yes that is a very cute little pine cone snowman!

  10. Hi there! I'm Hanna!11 I d=found your LOVELY blog on the hippity hop!!! Now your newest follower!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! You can find me anytime at

    xooxxo Hanna

  11. i love all your decorations!! and that nail polish is one of my faves! so pretty!

  12. That pinecone snowman is one of the cutest decorations I've ever seen!

  13. love the blue sparkles and that nail color! Gorgeous!!

  14. Love that family picture :) and your nail color is so pretty!!


  15. Aww hope you're feeling better! I love Caroline... it's a great oxblood color :)