Thursday, December 13, 2012

My first Mantle

one of my favorite parts about this new house
is that I have a mantle

Somewhere to hang garlands, put decorations and be a real "focal point"
So, for our first holiday, I knew it would have to be excellent. 
I had seen this on Pinterest:

Sooo, I made my own. It's SUPER easy. 
Step (1): gather all your supplies. 
I used plain white acrylic paint, Martha stewart white pearl and some flaky iridescent glitter. 

Step (2): Paint it. Paint it good. 
I used a TON of all white paint, and then only 2 coats of the Pearl paint in order to get a completely opaque coverage. (Which is HARD with white..) 
Hint: I let the white dry overnight before adding the pearl. 

Step (3): After letting the pearl paint dry 6 hours, 
I mixed a ton of white & pearl paint together and really smooshed it onto the letter. 
While it was still wet, I went over the area with the glitter. 
I did this in sections, and went back with a smaller brush later to add paint/glitter in missing sections. 

Step(4): Let it dry while lying down, then shake it off lightly. 
and voila! 
Pretty wintery wonderlandy Joy. 
Accessorize with dreidels and christmas balls as you wish ;)

And the final mantle piece: 
I'm not -completely- convinced she's done, but I love it so far.  


  1. So cute and easy! I'm jealous you have a mantle! We do have a massive bookcase built into our wall that we can utilize as a mantle...but there is nothing like a real mantle & fireplace :)

  2. These turned out really cute! Love the glitter!! I have a mantle, but there's a big, fat TV mounted over it which drives me bonkers! Maybe I'll get it back one day.


  3. How cute is your mantle! You did a great job! Love the sparkly letters. Found you from the link up!


  4. This turned out really cute! :)

    XOXO, Elle

  5. Beautiful! I so wish we had a mantle that I could decorate :( it looks wonderful!

    thank you for linking up with us!

  6. this is amazing. I'm stealing this idea for real.

  7. I've always wanted a mantle :[ Hahah great job though!

  8. super cute!!! wish i had a mantle to do something like this ;)

  9. that looks so cute and simple. I'll have to try this sometime. :)

  10. Adorable!!!! Congrats on your mantle!! I'm moving next week and will FINALLY have my first mantle, too, so I totally understand your excitedness lol.

    Thank you for linking up with us!!

  11. So cute! I love how it turned out! I wish I had a mantle! I had to make due with a sofa table this year.

  12. Great job on the Mantle letters! Love them!

  13. Please come decorate my new apt in Feb. I promise to be on an extremely limited budget but am accepting of all color schemes and ideas.... and I like putting holes in the walls. :)