Friday, December 7, 2012

This Week

It seems like life is always hectic and intense but,
 I grabbed a few shots of things around the house currently.  
Just to smooth all of us into the weekend. 

New nail polishes, bought on sale!

Mike's grandfather's medals from WWII. 
I am so proud to be joining such an amazing family.  

 Seriously, look at Mike?!
 That bow tie, the cheeks!, his little puffed out belly. 
I die. 

 FLL airport turtles that awesomely match my tattoo. 

Fat Cat legwarmers with smug faces. 

Oh dear sweet galette. You are fabulous. Thanks Laura

 The view driving home, of our "backyard" 
(Taken at a stop light obvi)
The mountain's getting green, and my car is back. 
ZOMBIE BELLA! (Thanks Mike!)

Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh those nail polishes look so fun!! I would love to see them in my stocking haha!

  2. Gorgeous polishes! so is that galette. And the mountain!

  3. love all those nail polishes and pictures!!