Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's Talk Subscriptions...

Still looking for Holiday ideas?
How about something that KEEPS giving?

So, it's no secret that I love mail. 
I won't let Mike check it because I get such a thrill out of opening the mailbox. 

It's also no secret that I've subscribed to a couple different boxes. 
Birchbox, which I no longer receive, and Julep, which I love. 
And if you like nailpolish, you should click HERE and get a box for a penny (use code PENNY), and you'll love it too. 

BUT, There are so many other boxes that I had never heard about, 
but I want to hear about. 
I also want to open up a few of these every month..

Pets Love Toys
PetsLoveToys Monthly Dog Subscription Box Giveaway!

$25 and you get to CHOOSE the box of either Treats, Toys, or BOTH that comes to your pups door. They even have catagories specifically for chewers, or swimmers, or tuggers. Too Sweet. 

$25 (intro price!) and you get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create a craft project every month. 
I. Need. This. Now. Consider this gift idea #1 (GI1)

$40 and you get everything you need (with instructions) for how to make two different cocktails. 
Pretty sweet if ya ask me. 

PopSugar's Must Have Box
$35 and it's packed full of..well. EVERYTHING. This specific box had a book, movie tickets, face wipes, make up, hair ties, a scarf, snacks and a notepad. 
Consider this gift idea #2

Hammock Pack
                                                 Bed & BreakfastSometimes all you need is a night away to feel rejuvenated. Your B&B stay comes complete with all the essentials for a peaceful sleep and quiet morning. Wash up with a sweet peach scent using soft towels. Relax with a warm lavender pillow over your eyes and end your night with a little midnight snack. Wake up feeling rested while you start your day right with a cup of coffee and fruit jam for breakfast. After your stay, we hope you’re nice and rested for next month’s doorstep getaway.
See what was in the August pack here
$25 and each month a little vacation/getaway themed box of goodies. 
There have been beach days, camping boxes and bed and breakfasts (among others)

Create Crate
$20 for a monthly dose of creativity. Each box includes things to help and inspire you to celebrate major holidays (like halloween) or the everyday (like a wine tasting party)
This is too cute to both give and receive. (ahem)

Seriously y'all, there are some CUTE boxes out there.
I might have to check out some of them for myself. 
Anything new catch your eye?

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  1. I totally signed up for the Julep box :) And I think I might sign up for PopSugar next month... that one is amazing!