Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 will forever be remembered 
as one of the best, 
and busiest, 
years of my life. 

We saw American Idiot. 
We celebrated Mike's birthday. 
We got a touch of wanderlust
We hung out with old friends, and celebrated new ones

We had the first special lady weekend
We painted & watched football.
We celebrated April's engagementValentine's Day
the science of wine, and the love of painting

We celebrated St. Patricks Day,
 our Anniversary, (where we won trivia)
We enjoyed our weekends and weekdays

We celebrated Eastover,
ate chili, drank wine, and went to DC.
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My knee and I broke up (again.)

We watched some baseball,
celebrated Mother's Day, and my Birthday. 
Mike went to China
We went to Asheville. 
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We saw concerts & went painting.
We went to Durham.
We found Shiva.  
Here's our updated family :) 

We brewed
I went to New Orleans, & hardly blogged about it. 
We went to the Outer Banks
introduced Mama and Daddy to Shiva
and crossed a goal off my list. 
Mike interviewed in California. 

 and celebrated Raleigh Beer Week. 
We traveled to New York and announced our move,

We went house hunting and succeeded.
We said our goodbyes to Raleigh
Mike drove to Cali and I got real.
We celebrated weddings, & packed.

We went to Europe,
and packed some more. 
I got engaged to my best friend. 
I went to Charleston for April's Bachelorette.  
I quit my job, went to Charlotte
and made one last trip home

We went to April's AMAZING wedding. 
We traveled 3000 miles across this AMAZING country. 
We had our first California weekend
We went home to NY for Thanksgiving.

We said goodbye to Grandpa Joe & Mike went to Brazil. 
I decorated for Hanukkah & Christmas
We went to Ikea
We traveled back to NC for Christmas. 
We were overwhelmed by the presents. 
Mike's family came to visit US the week after. 
We celebrated NYE on our couch, in pajamas. 

You're gonna have to be pretty spectacular to beat 2012. 
I have faith in you though 

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