Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's not a secret that Mike and I are in the midst of wedding planning. 
It's not a secret that the easiest way to plan is to think about what you DIDNT like from other weddings you've been to, and do the opposite. 

It's difficult however, when your friends throw the most awesome of awesome weddings, 
to not just copy every little thing and call it a day. 
I've already warned April that she should expect that. 

Right before we left Raleigh,
literally the day before, 
we went to our dear friends April & Jeremy's wedding. 
I was waiting to post about it, until she had posted. 
BUT, the time has come, my friends. 

Prepare for photo overload:

Champagne Toast while getting ready. 
Lady in Waiting
Driving to the venue
The Entry way
Our Bridesmaids attempt
<3 t minus 13 months
First dance swaying
All they Bouquets. 
THE best food ever served at a wedding. Ever. 

Desert Table
So, here's one of the ideas that we're totally copying in some way, or form. 
Instead of table numbers, each table was a different PLACE they had been together.

ECU table..
Moline Table
Go check out her post: HERE: to see the other tables & more details. 

Her shoes and sparkly tablecloths (Also to be stolen)

Cake Cutting
Running through a field of streamers. 

At Busy Bee, post wedding.

 And, because I couldn't NOT steal them, 
here's some instagrams that I swiped from other attendees. 


and finally, a smidgen of the professional pics. 
You can see more on April's blog. 

Seriously? She's gorgeous. 
LOVE this shot.

Also, notice my location in the next two frames. 

I spent too much time on the ground at that day. 
And, just because.  

Seriously, Apes' wedding was fantastic, beautiful, charming, everything a wedding should be. 
I was so grateful and lucky to be a part of it, and it definitely makes me look forward to ours. 


  1. Wow... she was stunning, and you can totally tell this wedding was a blast!

  2. Thanks so much for all the love! We worked our butts off for that day! I was so happy to have you there with me :) I know your's and Mike's wedding will be just as fun and awesome.