Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Popping the Big Question

So, any bride will tell you that one of the biggest parts of wedding planning, 
is getting the right wedding party. 

Being pretty obsessed with Pinterest, 
and knowing that all my bridesmaids are at least 3000miles away, 
I knew this had to be done right. 

I present to you, 
the bridesmaid boxes. 

There were a few little goodies. 

The things that took the most effort, were really the most fun. 
Monogrammed wine glasses (with each girl's monogram)

and a mini wine bottle with our couple's monogram as the label.  

Luckily enough, they all said yes. 
(I secretly think it was the blow-pops)
Just like that, on we go towards 3/22/14. 

psst. If you haven't noticed. I've created a label specifically for posts about our wedding. 
You can click on it and see all the posts about the big day. :)
 ->  Terri & Mike Hershkowitz

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