Friday, June 3, 2011

Atlanta, 2011

Back in March, Mike and I spent 5 days in Atlanta. The entire online album can be found here. I drove myself down after work one day, with my camera dying along the way. HOWEVER, Mike's handy dandy iPhone was a decent substitute. There's hundreds of photos in the Album but hopefully this can get you caught up.

Atlanta is big. 

We went to Coke World. IT WAS AWESOME

The Vortex makes amazing burgers, (our dinner)

We saw this octopus up close, at the Aquarium

and Mike made friends with a penguin

We hung out in the Olympic park

Goofing off at the Atlanta Zoo

Where we saw the new baby panda and his Mama. 

Gordon Biersch lunch!

(I'll come back to you one day, IKEA!)

and we came home with a baggie of goodies!

Be sure to check out the actual photo albums on Picassa web. :)

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