Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Food You/We Missed

I take TONS of pictures of food. I thought I was weird and the only person (except food bloggers..lucky devils) til Mike's dad mentioned it this weekend. I'm also pretty sure my mom took pictures of the cakes she made me as a wee one..sooo, yup. Horray! Here's some of the food deliciousness of the last couple months. (See, really trying to get this up to date)

Kabob's on the grill, ala Mike

Free Birthday Pancakes at IHOP are amazingly delightful. 

Pizza is good. Homemade pizza is great. QED

Thin Mint Brownies: Mike and I devoured these way to quickly. 

Our own homemade pizza. 

See above post: Q.E.D 

I made Chicken Parm for the first time. :)

PB sammiches that remind me of my childhood

Terri can be bought off with Mexican Food. 

Mike can be bought with sushi.

Ok, now..I'm hungry....

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