Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wine Fest (4/16/11)

In my quest to update this silly blog to make it more manageable, we gotta go ALL THE WAY BACK to march... We'll get there, just bare with me, don't expect the updates to come in order til I get current again..just jump around  :)

On the way back..lets stop at April 16th. Mike and I ventured to the Wine Fest at kokobooth in Cary. It was a little overcast and cloudy, but..psh..its hours and hours of wine, so, off we went. Some storm clouds started gathering and they annouced over the speaker "a storm is coming in, so everyone should go to the covered porch." So, we did....

Mike, being the brilliant one, decided to bring in a couple bottles of wine. So we set up shop with the umberella and the wine until they annouced that we should to to our cars. Well, it was a torrential downpour, so we weren't about to run to the cars in that, so we sat it out and went back out after the rain to enjoy the rest of the festival. It wasnt until my mom called that we found out there was a tornado and we managed to drink our way through it...

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