Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eastover 2011

What do you get when you mix Jewish Passover and Christian Easter?  In our house: Chocolate Matza desert and PLAGUE EASTER EGGS. Oh yes, thats correct. We dyed eggs, like I really really wanted to, but we drew the different plagues on them while watching "The Ten Commandments."

We had way too much fun figuring out how to draw all the plagues while Mike taught me about Passover. It was actually really nice and entertaining and a great way to spend the night. 

      The next morning, my Mom and Dad came down to take us out and to celebrate Easter with us. AND SHE BROUGHT AN AWESOME EASTER BASKET WITH HER. It had TONS of candy, an Ashe Co. shotglass, a wine holder, tons of candy, a really awesome book, tons of candy, some super smelly lotion and a Cracker Barrel gift card. We had a blast. 

 ARENT WE CUTE! I adore my parents. 

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