Monday, January 30, 2012

1/28/12 - Steve Rannazzisi

I apologize for how out of order everything is going to be for the 
next few days/weeks while I get all caught up. 

On Saturday night, after a super awesome Mexican dinner (made at home) and a few hours spent watching the NHL All Star Skills Competition. Mike and I got dressed up and went to Goodnights Comedy Club in Downtown Raleigh.   

We're both pretty obsessed with the FX show "The League" and one of the main characters was doing stand up that night. (When I say obsessed, I mean we're going to name our dog after it <if its a girl> and we've been watching episodes together since our 3rd date almost 2 years ago.) The warm up comedians were funny, the popcorn was the perfect mix of salty and buttery, and the wine was super tasty. That combination, mixed with laughing so hard at Steve we almost cried made for an excellent night. Really, we would go back in a second. 

Afterwards, we waited around for a bit so that we could get a photo with him. We were both pleasantly suprised at how nice he was. He asked us for our names, thanked us for coming to the show and supporting the League and was just nice.

Pretty awesome day and afterwards we came home drank a Shiva beer from Asheville Brewing company and watched episodes of The League until we got sleepy. 

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