Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Importance of Being Kind

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First off, if you havent seen THE HELP. Go, now. Then come back. ..

Ok, I promise that posts like these will remain few and veeery far between. 
But, I want to tell you 3 stories: 

1: At one time, I found this blog that I completely connected with. It was witty, sincere and entertaining. The girl was funny and cute, her house was adorable and she had amazing adventures with her hubby and animals. One day she posted that she was shutting down her blog. She didn't want to deal with the level of negativity that had begun to creep into her blogosphere and it was affecting her real life, not just her bloglife. With that, she shut down her website, and when it shut, I lost the inspiration of her decor, her food, and her photography skills. It really upset me. I ended up finding what I *think* were the posts that brought her down, and truth be told if it was me, I'd be just as devastated. The lesson:  One person's jealousy and evil words can bring darkness. One person's jealousy took away inspiration from many many others. 

2: A couple years ago I had, what I considered to be, a tight knit core of female friends. Regardless of the interactions between the other girls, I didn't see myself involved in anything relationship ending, until I said some smart-ass comment on twitter. Yup, TWITTER. The land of 140 characters, hashtags, and not much else. The next morning, I received...probably... the most pathetic email ever. The hate, anger, and bitterness that flowed outwards was meant to cut and devastate me. Instead, I felt pity for the person who decided that THIS was the appropriate outcome. The correct thing to do. I felt sorry for someone who figured that the correct way to handle ANYTHING was to write an email that (as I was told later) she described as "the meanest thing I've ever written. I wanted to give her a reason to be mad." Wow. Lesson?: When the level of anger and bitterness inside you wells up inside to that point, the only person who's going to get hurt and cut up inside is yourself. The object of your outpouring of negativity (I just cringed when I wrote that..SOOO MUCH MUMBOJUMBO),  isn't going to feel the pain you try to pass on, they'll only feel pity and sadness. Not sadness at the words or actions, but sadness at the loss of a good friend, to a dark place. 

3: Before I had my current job at the university, I worked for a pharmaceutical company. A few times a month, delivery people would come to drop off the lab supplies that we had ordered. I always chatted with the guy. He was really friendly and chatty, and I always enjoy talking to people. He started to call me princess and look for me when he dropped stuff off so that he could tell me about his family and life. I left that job eventually, and honestly, didn't think about the delivery guy again. One day at work a couple months ago, I was walking outside to pick up something from another building. It was raining and cold so I had my hood up and was hunched over walking fast. I heard a large truck drive by and I saw the break lights come on. I heard someone yell "HEY!", so I looked up figuring the person was lost and needed directions. (The campus is confusing, faux real). There was my old friend. The delivery guy from the pharmaceutical company, who had recognized me as he drove by and got out of his truck to give me a hug and see how I was. We chatted, in the rain, and he mentioned how sad he was when he found out I left, because I was always so nice to him and made his day a little nicer. Lesson: It costs you nothing to be kind and sincere, but it can give someone else, everything. 

Ok. That..was long. And Emotional. I'm NOT trying to say that I'm peachy and perfect and have never done wrong. Only, that maybe everyone should make a bit of an effort to be kinder. I mean, as Aibileen says, "You is kind... (and that makes you)  & important.

Since you made it this far: Here a cute picture of puppies. 
(Mike and I want a lab. Chocolate, Golden or Black we haven't decided yet. What do you think?)

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