Monday, January 9, 2012

Finally saying "Peace!" to 2011

Oh, 2011. 

We drove to Charlottesville to NYE, 
we got the plague
and won tickets to the NHL All-Star game
RBC Center

we threw our First Annual Superbowl Party
we had an excellent trip to NYC
and we went the Science of Wine
Times Square

we had a little house guest
went to a parade
went to another Hurricanes game
we hit up HotLanta for a few days
and celebrated the 1yr anniversary of our first date.
St. Patty's day, ATL

we had our 6 month "for real?" anniversary
went to Raleigh Beer Fest
and tried out some of Raleigh's best food
and survived a tornado
the crew, under a rainy nasty tent
we introduced Mike to the cats
we went to Artsplosure
what do YOU look like during Tornados?

we went to a Paul McCartney tribute show
plenty of brewery tours with friends
and visits to the Durham Bulls
Summer Lovin
i tore my knee. 
but we brewed
i painted. a lot
we saw Harry Potter. I died a little inside. 
and went to Cirque du Soleil
it ended

we went to Beer, Bourbon and BBQ
we brewed
and  started to put the house together

even on crutches, we were happy. 

we packed. 
we cleaned. 
we went to NY for 9/11
we saw the Jets
we moved kittens
I apparently forgot to blog. 
we managed to make it to the Science of beer

truth be told. this month was horrid. seeing as I never posted most of the posts I had written or even any photos, it feels like I owe it to you. (me?)
mom and dad came to the state fair
we moved all my stuff in from my old apartment.
we carved pumpkins with old friends
we ordered pumpkin lattes and raked leaves

it happened. 

I came home from work one perfectly normal Tuesday, to this:  
 Our front door was kicked in. Electronics, jewelry, luggage and other random things were gone. My biggest fear was realized. I fell into a deep hole that lasted most of November, with random spurts of Normalcy. One of those being our week long vacay (that I never blogged about -see deep hole-) to Vegas, Zion, and the Grand Canyon. It was nice to leave my broken home 4 days after it happened. I didn't realize how much  it to take to come back. I am back now. The house is back. The things are back. The alarm is good. All is well. 

Zion National Park

we cleaned. 
we went up to NY for Mike's Family Thanksgiving. (I adore them, they're all so nice) 
we went to Charlotte (again posts lost in the deep hole)
checked out a Panthers game 

we celebrated the holidays
enjoyed our weekends. 
and headed out to Asheville for the New Year 


Thanks 2011. You were rough, but you made me stronger. You made me appreciate who I had in my life, and grateful that the ones I didn't have anymore were finally gone. You showed me how strong I was and how weak.  You gave me adventures I'm grateful for. But, honestly? 2012? You don't have to teach me so much. We can just hang out and have fun. I'd like that.  :)

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