Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Asheville for the weekend

Some friends of ours invited us to their families house in Asheville to hangout for the weekend, and celebrate NYE.  I mean, the weather being ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL (Seriously, 70 in December? )

Who can blame us?

So we drove late Friday night, and by Saturday morning we were hitting up 4 of Asheville's awesome breweries. 

First stop was Asheville Brewing and Pizza. I LOVED this place. MAYBE, it was because I was starving and the pie was amazing, but I think the Ninja Porter and the Shiva had something to do with it. We brought two bottles home because it was so good. 

Asheville Brewing and Pizza

Best way to taste beer: FLIGHTS :)


Mike and Han, BFFs, <3s, 

Then, twas off to the French Broad Brewery. I had the 13 Rebels and it was definitely tasty. We all had fun sitting in the sun, in December, and playing with the light. 

French Broad

world beer...Asheville flavor

We headed on down to the Wedge. This place was awesome. Well, anyplace with a beer named Gollem, that you can only drink 3 of, (that Mike will read the description of in a funny voice), that has peanuts and corn hole, is AWESOME. 
The Wedge

Flights. The Dark One was Russian Imperial: Raspberry Chocolatey heaven. DRINKIT

One final stop (that day) in at the LAB where we tried to figure out our night-time plans, and soak up one more round of craft brews. 


Asheville really is a lovely place, and I can't wait to go back to visit in the Spring/Summer months when we can (re)hit some breweries, eat at some more small cafe's and maybe go back to Biltmore  :)

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