Friday, January 6, 2012

The Really Long Christmas Post

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas (Christmakkah), 
SOON Mama and Daddy would come! 
So we put up the tree, weighed it down with weights 
and hung up all the stockings in a row! 

and BOY did they come. The tree was stuffed full of little presents and I think my mom got a kick out of looking at all the ornaments on our tree. (I still have my "baby's first ornament" up). 

We started a new tradition, of buying a new Hanukkah ornament every year for the tree, and topped it with a Star of David  

My mom also still collects my presents from Santa for me every year. Since I dont have a chimney anymore, obviously.  

I decided to cook for my family for the two days that they were here. The food, and all the treats were a hit. My mom brought me some super cute cookie cutters that I used. 

And while I cooked, Dad and Mike hung out downstairs by the football games. It was pretty hilarious, however, that when it got cold, Dad just joined me upstairs. I turned around from setting the table to see:

gotta keep warm...
So, once everyone got toasty and full, we watched a Muppet Christmas Carol.
 I only quoted the first 15 minutes. 
pinkie swear

Christmas Morning came!  
SO CUTE. Seriously, I die. 

There were tons of presents. I got glitter, books, TOMS, a new scarf set  and more. Mike wracked up a new office chair, Roger Waters tickets, a Reevis jersey and a "Beer Brewing Kit of the Month" membership (with accompanying carboy)

Fun Times. :)

But, the super awesome present. Well, It needs a bit of back story. 

Two weeks before Christmas, I went with Mike to his company holiday party, where I preceded to lose my camera. 
I looked ALL OVER the car, I called the restaurant and hotel and I couldnt find it anywhere. 
I was devastated. 
I sobbed. 
I UGLY cried. 
I bawled. 

Mike tried to console me by letting me open one of my presents "For Hanukkah," he said so I picked the one his Mom sent. (Apparently, I was supposed to pick the big one..) 

Christmas morning, Mike kept handing me presents, leaving one big, heavy, box left. I'll let you look at the progression on the pictures with you in a sec. 

yeah, i cried..what of it. 


now, if you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you'll notice my lil point and shoot. 
turns out, I had put it in a shoe. 
yeah, a shoe. 
then I put that shoe in the closet. 
and closed the door
I then FOUND my camera weeks later before the Nutcracker. 
(Guess Mike was glad I didn't open the big box then)

 After a wonderful day (and plenty more food) the three people I love most in the world were settled into my house, sipping and munching and stressless and laughing and
 feeling -good-

And THAT, my friends is why This Christmakkah was the start of many more wonderful Chrsitmakkahs to come, and absolutely a wonderful day. 


Who said you can't relive the holidays? Not me. 

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