Thursday, October 25, 2012

another day, another destiny

can you sense a theme yet?

Anyway, while I'm scurrying around working, cleaning, packing, caring for animals
and meeting some of my lovely blogger friends, content here is going to be light. ish.

I fully plan on tickling your fancy with tons of pics when I get a chance to get caught up.
 READ: next week/the week after. :)

For now. Let's discuss two quotes, shall we?

This..startled me. I find myself having less and less time and yet, my life is so full. I have made so many new friends from blogging, plus IRL friends, (crazy right?). Did I mention that I LOVE my parents for all they do, and Mike's family for being so kind, and Mike for being..well...him. More later on that.. Maybe during all of this moving/packing/crazy, I need to stop and soak up everything around me more.


If you would have asked me about being alone 6, or even 2, months ago, I would swear that I hated it. What I really hated, was being lonely. Once upon a time, I lived in a house with my thenboyfriend, his BFF and the BFF's girlfriend, and it was the loneliest I've ever been. I was surrounded by people, pets, and clutter, and I hated every single second. Today, Mike is 3000 miles away, yet, I'm NO WHERE near lonely. In fact, I hardly ever feel lonely. I'd rather stay at home with my dog and cats and watch a movie than go out sometimes, and new for me. I still wish Mike was here, and I'd still rather be in the same room as someone, but I'm learning that the real -me- likes some quiet by-myself time.

I will, however, never admit to anything that I just wrote.

Tomorrow brings you a normal "Friday Hodgepodge" and even a "Shiva Saturday"
(well, two days from now brings you that..I can't give you everything at once) 
and next week ( squared!)  is EUROPE!
I hope you like it here guys, cause I do.
The ride's bumpy, but super cool.

What about you? Am I the only one learning about myself at 26?
Wasn't I supposed to "find myself" in college?


  1. I absolutely loveee the first quote! So inspiring, great blog.

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    Emily Jenny

  2. I like to look at it like I'm finding myself more every year. I'm 35, still finding things!

    I value my alone time like it's a precious gem.

    I enjoyed this read today. Thanks!


    I felt like I went backwards in college. When people start talking about college being the best time of their lives (or even high school, ICK!), I'm like, woooo for you! I'd do college all over again differently, foooorrr shhhure!

    PS. Still excited to see EUROPE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. great post. i very very much value my alone time as well.
    Helene in Between