Wednesday, October 24, 2012

At the end of the day...

you're another day older. 
(name that show)

We're still here. 
Packing, cleaning, working, moving, general hubbub. 
Yes, I have TONS of photos to show you, but I'm not quite to that point yet.
 I keep having rough day after rough day, and then typing up a post with nice edited photos...
isn't happening. 
Can we look at Pinterest photos today?

I saw this rug in Target today, think it's too girly for our living room?

Do you think having all this in a guest room would make up
for having an air mattress on a bedframe instead of a real mattress?

Can someone send me $100 to buy this? I'm kinda loving all things Paris right now

and finally, just something to make us all smile. :)
Dogs diving after tennis balls:

psssst. TRIFABB meetup tonight in Durham. HORRAY!


  1. I like that rug. Not too girly at all!

  2. I loveeee that rug! I think I need it. So glad I got to see you tonight!


  3. Les Mis again! I guess I was right on the other one haha. I read posts backward on my Google Reader. :)