Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updated 26 in 26

Welp, I've redone the 26 in 26 list!
Now modified to include a new life in San Fran

1:   Order a boat of sushi
2:   Go to a beer dinner
3:   get a California license and license plate
4:   Be in a wedding 

5:   Attend something out of my ordinary. 

   6:   Host a cocktail/dinner party 
7:   Climb Cape Hatteras
8:   Reunite with the fourple
9:   Add a stamp to my passport
10:   Learn basics of a new language
11:   spend a weekend in wine country
12: deck the halls for christmas, and the 2013 holidays
13: Visit Biltmore during the Festival of Flowers 
14:  Get a puppy!
15:   introduce my parents & Mike's parents. 
16:   Do 12 DIY projects. (3/12)
(Camera strap, JOY letters, M&T art)
17:   Make a 27 in 27 list. 
18:   Learn a new hobby.
19:  Visit 3 tourist attractions in San Fran &/or San Jose (1/3)

20:   Learn to unwind and relax
21:  Reduce my diet coke consumption 
22:   Buy something from a home shopping channel and something from etsy.
 23:    Lose 26 lbs (total) (4/26)
24:    get a hot stone massage &/or reiki

25:   Add to my tattoo collection
26:    Find the PERFECT red lipstick. 


  1. haha order a boat of sushi thats awesome. I would love to learn a new language. now i need to do this....

  2. Very nice!! A lot of progess you've made too!

  3. I like it! I have never found the perfect red lipstick.

  4. I love this! You have inspired me to make a list!

  5. I would be so down to help you cross off #1 this weekend... :D