Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Charleston Bachelorette

Before Mike and I headed to Europe, 
I headed to Charleston. 
Pronouced: CHAW-EHL-STUN. 

Somethings are better left unsaid,
so let's just see what kind of story the pictures can tell you. 

What we walked into in our hotel room. 

the custom made duvet cover. 

The whole gang.


The Bride. 

oy. <3
I can't really tell you anything about the city. 
We went on a carriage tour . 
The guy couldn't control the horse,
 and his entire tour of Charleston was about HIS life. 
There are two big churches in Charleston..I think..and I know that he got married in one of them, but only because Hurricane Hugo flooded his home church, and that he heard the unibomber's brother speak in the other. 

I would really like to go back. 
See the city, actually eat the amazing food, learn the history, and shop in the market. 
But, it was a pretty awesome bachelorette party, if I must say so myself. 

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