Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do you hate me?

Do you hate me? 

For not telling you all about London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris? (neworleansandchina)
for being so stressed and nervous that I'm neglecting even READING blogs?
or will you be amused with the wee posts I manage to put up for the next bit?

I'm still packing. 

or trying.. Shiva's been great at helping.
She's eating my wooden spoon here..  

and here? She's eating a spatula:
(granted, I gave her this one, because I was about to throw it away)
she stole the wooden spoon.

and here she is helping me pack books:
 or eating them. Yeah, sorry Agatha Christie. 

And when I'm not packing/Shiva chasing, 
I'm sending Mike awesome things like this:

he's SO lucky ;)

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  1. okay i love this post and i love you!! and i love shiva!!! don't feel bad about letting life happen :) also, i'm totes sending my husband that text today.