Tuesday, May 28, 2013

27 in 27

Since last year's list was a hit, and a success,
 I decided to give it another whirl. 

So, without further adieu 
27 in 27

1.       Get married
2.       Go somewhere we've never been before
trust me, with Mike it's easier said than done..
3.       Drive Hwy 1
4.       Go to 3 major sporting events
5.       Lose 27lbs
6.       Make more diy projects.
no limit or guidelines, just keep making. 
7.       Use my SLR
at least learn to take it off auto..yeesh.
8.       Go to Renegade SF
it's a big craft fair i've wanted to attend since forever. 
i also plan on buying lots and lots of stuffs. 
9.       Purge the unused
clothes that we dont wear, random knickknacks that havent seen the light of cali, 
unloved bits have to go away. 
10.   Back up the computer!
11.   Learn to paint
i loved it in raleigh. i miss it now.
12.   Buy nothing but essentials for 1 month
13.   Finish the upstairs gallery wall
14.   Go to Hearst Castle or Biltmore House
15.   Send more letters, cards, packages
16.   Do something that makes me nervous
but not move 3000 miles again
17.   Take a couples class in -something-
18.   Do something big for Mikes 30th
19.   Use or toss the kitchen gadgets
20.   Update the blog with all the unblogged trips
theres my parents trip to cali, apesnjeds trip to cali, europe 2012, etc
21.   28 in 28!
22.   host a party/together at our house
23.   Get a large monogram made for us as a couple (or DIY it)
seriously, so exicted to use my (and our) new monogram
24.   Become a better dresser
25.   Take Shiva to the beach
26.   Get back into Yoga
27.   Get a new passport

What do you think? 
Encouragement, thoughts, questions, alternate ideas?


  1. Great list. If you want to send me a postcard in your whole 'write more letters' I will happily accept. I love getting post cards from random people.

  2. If you're looking for company for number 8, give me a holla! And for yoga, maybe we could have a girl activity date up here near me or down there near you...