Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So, yeah. 
TODAY is my very last day of 26. 
True fact, I just typed 25. Alas, NOT 25. 
I can't figure out a way to round myself down to 20 or even MID20s anymore. 

About this time last year, I created a list of 26 things I wanted to do while I was 26. Then we went and decided to move to California and a LOT changed. I remade the 26 in 26 list to accompany the new change.  Below is the final list, that I worked on. So, let's see. 

1:   Order a boat of sushi
2:   Go to a beer dinner
Before we left NC, we made it to a New Belgium dinner at the NC Nat Sci Museum. 
I wish we would have been able to attend a more complete one, 
but it was a great experience that we'll definitely do again. 

3:   get a California license and license plate
Done and Done. 

4:   Be in a wedding 

5:   Attend something out of my ordinary. 
So, maybe I didnt attend a roller derby or zombie festival, 
but, I made this goal to get me to do something that made me uncomfortable. 
I moved 3000 miles away from home with no job and no permanent place to land. 
I think I did something that made me uncomfortable. 
So, I'm calling it complete. 

   6:   Host a cocktail/dinner party 
7:   Climb Cape Hatteras
Fin. I took my broken little knee all the way up. 

8:   Reunite with the fourple
This could have been one of my favorite moments. 
It really proves that REAL friends are not affected by time or distance. 

9:   Add a stamp to my passport
Quite a few actually

10:   Learn basics of a new language
11:   spend a weekend in wine country
a weekend. two weekends. I quite counting

12: deck the halls for christmas, and the 2013 holidays
I must say it made the holidays a bit more enjoyable. 

13: Visit Biltmore during the Festival of Flowers 
I don't think I accurately describe how much I adore Biltmore. 

14:  Get a puppy!
I think you know Shiva

15:   introduce my parents & Mike's parents. 

16:   Do 12 DIY projects.
Between baby shower art, cards, decor, bridesmaids gifts and more, I crossed em off. 

17:   Make a 27 in 27 list. 
Stay Tuned.
18:   Learn a new hobby.
I'm counting a new love of baseball and hockey. 
I care more about players and stats and schedules than I ever did. 

Mike also says my new hobby is wedding planning. 
19:  Visit 3 tourist attractions in San Fran &/or San Jose.
I think we have this one covered. Between tons of wineries, fishermans wharf, 
pier 39, ghiaradelli, all over the bay, sports stadiums and famous restaurants, 
c.h.e.c.k.20:   Learn to unwind and relax
I'm able to stop, turn off, and not feel so guilty or bad that I'm not doing SOMETHING or ANYTHING right that second. I credit Mike, Shiva, the kittens, and ok, maybe some champagne. 

21:  Reduce my diet coke consumption 
And by reduce, I mean, none. I dont even like how it tastes anymore. 
It's ok. I'm a little disappointed in myself  too. 22:   Buy something from a home shopping channel and something from etsy.
The first thing I bought of etsy (which started a bigggg love affair) were koozies for the fourple trip. I also bought some kitchen gadgets from HSN back in December.
 I kinda enjoyed calling in. I'm so strange. 

 23:    Lose 26 lbs (total)
24:    get a hot stone massage &/or reiki
25:   Add to my tattoo collection
26:    Find the PERFECT red lipstick. 
Nars Misbehave or Bee Sting.
Now I just need to get brave enough to wear it more than once a month.

So, I got 77% finished. 

I didnt order a boat of sushi, 
learn a new language (though sometimes I think Californian counts), 
or lose the pounds. But, I'm ok. 

Like I already said (and you know), I moved to California from North Carolina. I got a job that I love, which makes me feel challenged and respected and even occasionally refers to me as an expert, and has yet to make me cry. My bad days at my new company are better than good days at my old. Last year I saw Asheville, the Outer Banks, California, drove through 5 states, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and Florida. I got engaged to my best friend. I continue to be shocked at how disgustingly happy we are and how Mike is I got a puppy, a new extended family and overall happy. 

26, I liked you. 
still wanna get a dang boat of sushi though. 


  1. Awh, you got a ton done! I bet 27 will be even better!! :)
    Happy Early Birthday!!

  2. You did pretty well I'd say :) Happy almost birthday love!

  3. Aww, New Orleans was one of my favorite moments too, and I totally bust out the coozie when I'm feeling NC-sick. Can't wait to see your 27/27 - fingers crossed that 'hosting a dinner party' is still on it...