Wednesday, May 29, 2013

27th and Weekend Wrapup

Since my birthday this year was on a Thursday, 
we drug it out to last through Memorial Day.

Ok, fine, I do this every year. Shush

I did come home to a big stack of packages on the front stoop. 

One of those was this NC necklace my parents got for me. <3 

Then, I made myself a birthday-rita. Complete with floaty sea animals.  

Mike popped a bottle of champagne after dinner,  

and we spent the night watching Pop-up Video and old boyband videos. 

Friday night, we opened a bottle of Chateau Montelena,
and watched Bottle Shock. 

On Saturday, Mike had sat up a hydrotherapy session & couples massage
that really melted any residual 26 stress right off. 

Then we headed out for great steak. 
Great steak and great desert. 

Sunday morning was the perfect time for us to finally check out Psycho donuts. 

We went to Winchester House. 

I've wanted to go here since like 1993.
Full post to come.  

We wrapped up the night at Tied House,
for $0.50 beer and Sharks Hockey. 

Monday was Memorial Day. 
We spent it together, as a family, with our psycho pup.

We went to the park, played with bubbles outside, 
grilled dinner, and I even made a cobbler out of amazingly fresh berries.  

I'd say 27 got off to a great start. 

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