Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update

After work on Friday, Mike and I met up for some dinner and drinks, 

with a side of "Learn How to Write Your New Name."
Mike had to teach me the ins and outs of such a long last name.  

Then we came home, 
to my new collection of Harry Potter Ultimate Editions, 

and let Shiva and the kittens play together. 
Or, let Shiva play, while Olive and Oi hid. 

I FINALLY found a new salon!
 Pualani at Bigsby House is amazing. 

It was about time. 
Mike asked me last week if I was ever going to do it again. 
(Not a subtle hint)

I met up with Mike for lunch,  

then we headed over to his office for a bit.  

Finally, twas out to watch the Sharks/Giants/Knicks/Boxing match.  

Since Mom wasn't here to make me birthday biscuits and gravy, 
I made my own. 

Then, it was such a gorgeous day we played with bubbles,  

and took Miss Thing to the dog park.  

This is the face of a successful park day. 

A wee ice cream cone. 
Why? Cause it was awesome.  

Not bad for my last weekend of being 26. 

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