Thursday, May 24, 2012

26 in 26

I'm big on lists. 
I also get a little gunshy about trying new things. 
So, I came up with  26 things to do while I'm 26. 

1:   Order a boat of sushi
2:   Go to a beer dinner
3:   Hold a newborn
4:   Be in a wedding
5:   Attend something out of my ordinary. ie: monster truck rally,NASCAR, rollerderby match
   6:   Host a cocktail/dinner party
7:   Climb Cape Hatteras

8:   Reunite with the fourple
9:   Add a stamp to my passport
10:   Learn basic French
11:   Take the GRE
12: Participate in a cookie exchange
13: Visit Biltmore during the Festival of Flowers 
14:  Get a puppy!
15:   Can my own jam/salsa/sauce
16:   Do 12 DIY projects. (1/12)
17:   Make a 27 in 27 list.
18:   Learn a new hobby.
19:   Get to 100 beers at Flying Saucer
20:   Learn to unwind and relax
21:  Reduce my diet coke consumption

22:   Buy something from a home shopping channel and something from etsy.
23:    Lose 26 lbs (total)

24:    Visit a "new to me" tourist attraction in NC

25:   Add to my tattoo collection
26:    Find the PERFECT red lipstick. 

Thoughts? Encouragement? Suggestions?

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  1. i love your list!! You should add it to your sidebar. I hope you do posts when you check something off your list!! Will be interesting to see how you define completing # 18 and #20. Happy 26th old lady.

  2. Following from the LIY hop :) As for that lipstick, MAC is coming out with Marilyn Monroe collection in October. I am confident we will find it there :)

  3. I really like the format of your list, and you have such interesting goals. And I love that you were really realistic with your goals and sensitive to completing them ♥

    Stopping by from LIY link-up & new follower :)


  4. Following from LIY's link up! One question though...what's a beer dinner?

    Bethanee @

    1. Hi Bethanee! Thanks for stopping by. It's where a local brewery (I'm waiting on Big Boss) will host a dinner at a local restaurant and the chef there will work with the head brewmaster to do a pairing of the different beers with different flavors and courses.