Monday, May 14, 2012

Le weekend. Mothers Day 2012.

Since it's my blog.. I'm starting this baby on last Thursday.
Take my hand. 
I know, I'm a little worried too. 


Mike met me early in the day for a nice lunch on Hillsborough Street. 
I'm secretly glad that I didn't have Chipotle next to me when I went to NCSU. 


After work, I finished packing Mike's suitcase, 

and we headed out to dinner. 
That's a flounder, bread and a potato.

That is Mike glaring down the caramel sauce. 

Before I knew it. It was Friday. 
4am, to be specific

it's empty at 4am

While Mike tried to survive the flight,
 I packed a couple bottles of his IPA

and headed to Wine and Design, in Cary.

 More on that later, promise. 


Mama and Daddy came down to visit! 
I promised Mom that I'd take her to get her hair done by my friend Cait. 


After we left (Mom was thrilled by the way) we went  to Southpoint
We stopped at Rockfish for lunch.
Mom and I were chatting away and suddenly noticed that Dad wasn't talking. 
This is how we found him. 


I think he wanted the brownie pie... :)

First we perused Anthropolgie for a bit. 

Mom bought me a couple goodies that I've had my eye on. That basket has been on this blog upteen times, and the egg crate is to ensure that I learn to make Mike deviled eggs. 
And super cute hair ties. 

We went into Pottery Barn, 

Williams and Sonoma, 

and then Barnes and Noble. 

I picked up a couple books. Ive read good reviews about Mrs. Kennedy and Me,
and Why Do Lobsters Turn Red was $2 and full of little tidbits. 

We also popped into Sephora, 
for amazing glosses, mascara and birthday presents, 

then to pick up some new comfy shoes. 

Yeah, they're "BOBS" but at BOGO pricing and equally cute, I couldnt pass em up. 

Are you wondering what Dad was doing, 
while Mom and I were shopping til we dropped?

His favorite pastime. 
Watching people and making friends. 
Good Job Dad. 

We did torture him into buying some clothes and then decided we were pooped. 
So we packed up the cars, 

and headed back to my house. 
My necklace came into the mail!

Mom then gave me my birthday card, 

and then I cried, and then she gave me my beautiful new necklace. 

So so sweet. 

We headed out to dinner, 

and learned that Mom does NOT like tequila. 


We all went to Twisted Fork for Mommy's day brunch!


After brunch we headed to Vestique. 
 for some new goodies you can expect on the blog soon, 

then to Target. 

gotta have fun. 

Have you been wondering where my dear Mike is?
CHINA, of course. 

you can expect some guest blogging from him in the future. 

Then, I gave my mom her Mothers Day Present. 
My painting!

She seemed to really like it. Here's a couple details: 

Kinda proud. 

2 questions this week people: 
1) is that too many pictures for one post?
2) What'd you do this weekend?

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