Tuesday, May 15, 2012

State Fair..last October

So, since they found Mike's computer, 
in the truck of a drug dealers mercedes when sold coke to an undercover officer..asshole
let's spend a few days looking at the things that you missed
 when I fell of the planet after the breakin. 

Mom and Dad came into town for the State Fair. 

Dad and I killed time while waiting for...

George Jones. 

He's Dad's favorite. 

The next day, all four of us headed down to the Fair. 

Don't come between a girl and her pickle chips. 

Don't come between a girl's Mother and her nachos..

You might end up like this. 

Fun story: Mike tried to make me ride the rides. 
Little Ms Motion Sickness was NOT a fan. 

Dad and Mike laughed at my pain. 

That's an egg. A PAINTED EGG. 

Everyone loves ice cream. 




I really do have the best parents and boyfriend. 
The ones who will take a random Wednesday off in order to go the State Fair. 
The ones who will wait 7 months for the blog post to go up. 


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  1. Mike's computer definitely went on an adventure!