Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Thanks Mike for figuring out how to get in touch from China. It makes me worry sooo much less about freak tsunamis (or Godzillas). Thanks Mike's mom and dad for the AWESOME birthday presents! I love my gift certificate, and the 1986 shirt is equally badass. I'll try to get pictures on the blog soon. Thanks Melie Bianco for naming a bag after me. I have my eye on it, dont you worry. Thanks Mom for always ALWAYS telling me how proud you are of me. I think hearing that my entire life made me try harder, to give you something to be proud of. Thanks Dad for your loud laugh and soft voice and knowing when to use each one. Thanks Oi for not screaming your head off last night. We all get along better. It also allowed Olive a chance to hear her own squeak. A. Lot. Thanks Det. Little, for driving all over the country to bring the laptop back to us. Thanks Shanghai for having good wifi and a huge heartfelt THANK YOU for every random person who reached out with words of comfort and compassion this week.



  1. love that quote at the top. :) pinterested it! found you via the newlyweds :) xo

  2. hey girly! i saw you over on ashleys page! {newlyweds} and wanted to say i love your blog!

    lovely letters as well! and am now your newest bloggy friend/follower/stalker ;)

    say hi back sometime? <3

  3. this is my first time visiting your blog so I am a little lost on some of your letters and will have to do some archive reading :) thanks for linking up with me this week however! You are too cute!