Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's my Birthday..ish

Well, I officially turn 26 in just 17 days. (May 23, if you must know) [and you must] and below is just a few of the things I'm craving for the big "26".  I'm seriously struggling about turning 26, but that's a post for another day. This one is about lusting, and lusting after "needs." I figured I'd just make a fun little series.. So, lessgo. birthday?

birthday? by teeller featuring a studded leather handbag

1: I'm not gonna lie, I am SERIOUSLY in need of some new black flats. Both pairs that I currently own have holes in the soles..which makes it a bit more uncomfortable when walking around outside. These Tory Burch flats are a serious "splurge" at $195 but everyone who owes them says they're beyond comfy and if they last longer than my Target ones. Maybe they're worth it. On the other hand, these shoes from zappos are cute black flats for 35.99

2: Jack Rogers. $105  It's time I got this iconic summer staple. No cheap version. I definitely plan on getting a pair. 

3: This bag is not only beautiful, ($85) but all the proceeds from the sale of Yali's carry on tote is donated to Kids for Kids, which a non profit supporting Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. 

4: I never knew that this existed til I was browsing the Marley Lily website (go there for monogram heaven..and trust me you'll see it again). It's a hard iPhone case with a slot for your debit card and ID. It's brilliant. It's colorful. It's monogrammed. It's $59. It needs to be mine.

5: This is another "need" to replace something I've had for years. My old brown leather carryall has started to fall apart. The leather is ripping and the handles are almost broken. This Mulberry classic is only $1,500. This Melie Bianco bag, named TERRIthat's only $80 is amazing. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 

It's named after me. Ahem. Moving on. 

6: I love these earrings. They're a steal at $20. They're simple, pretty and cute. They're also anthropologie. 

7. This Panther Ring from Baublebar is to.die.for. at $28. Size 8 please :) I mean, it's a Panther ring, for a Panther fan, with emerald eyes (May's birthstone is emerald) 

8. I bought a black blazer a while ago, but the hem fell out and I dont really want to hand stitch it back. This one from topshop it super cute (and $130) but this one from forever 21, is only 37.50. Yes, the topshop is better construction, but...yeah. 

9. These wedges are an amazing neutral color for tons of summer outfits, but, they're $120. This pair from is only $42. And I'm almost positive that they have a couple more pairs in the store.  

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