Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinterest and Birthdays.

In my quest to give you tons of Birthday Options. 
And having already told you about my blossoming love to the NY Mets. 
Ima be needin this shirt from The 7 Line.


1986 was a really AWESOME year. 

I wont turn this AWESOME hat down. 
I'm still crossing my fingers for a Derby date. 


Finally, if you so wish..
I think my camera would look SPECTACULAR, 
with a Sequined Camera Strap


This week on Pinterest :)

This is an awesome party decor. Awesome.
I need metallic streamers in my life.

Source: via Terri on Pinterest

I wonder if you could do this with different flowers..
for the different seasons. 

It's all I want. Pleated skirt. 
(mostly ;)

Come to think of it..this is a super cute present.

Source: via Terri on Pinterest 

as would this:

Source: via Terri on Pinterest


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