Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear People: Confession-yeah, I struggle with the whole insecurity thing a lot. I have flashes of confidence, but they're hard to come by. There's always someone smaller, prettier, smarter, wittier, yaddayadda. Dear Blog: I'll be back soon. I was soaking in the last few days of Mike's "summer" before he starts back to school and disappears for hours on end (which is my normal blogging time) Dear Mike: I still need those China posts. Obvi Dear Lady A: Please be awesome tonight and not randomly pitchy. I love you. Make me love you. Dear Melie Bianco: Thanks for making a "Terri" bag that is just as amazing and wonderful as me ;)  Dear London: PLEASE dont throw away all the jubilee love and tacky souvenirs. I will be there in 4 months and I need some. Desperately. Dear Queen E and Duchess K: Both of you - A++ Dear Mike: We, as a team, are awesome. Let's stay awesome for a while. Gotta round the two year mark ya know <3

Let's peace out for the weekend with one awesome picture from Buckingham Palace during the Jubilee.

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