Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Thoughts.

T.G.I.F. Seriously.
I'm not feeling super eloquent, but let's wrap up the week. 
Shall we?

1: Time Flies. 
It's been a week since we got Shiva. I feel like she's come leaps and bounds
 in terms of her nervousness, habits, and bonding with me and Mike. 
TODAY marks my 2 year anniversary at my current job. 2 years, Wow. 
My Dad told me last night that my Mom as been at her job now for 42 years. WOW.
It's officially been over a month since China and the Asheville trip.
Neither of which have been blogged. BAD BLOGGER.
Finally, am I the only one who things 1992 was 10 years ago? I am? Oh.

Generations of worker bees. 

2: Minty Fresh
 I'm thinking that I'm a bit obsessed with the color mint/turquoise right now.
It just feels so fresh and summery. 

minty fresh

3: Hot, Hot, Hot
It's supposed to hit 100+ here in Raleigh this weekend. So I'm thinking that I'll go buy a kiddie pool. For Shiva. Yeahhhhh, Shiva. 
Also, look for a neon green biofuel car to pop up on the blog next week. 
I know you can hardly hold your excitement. 

4: I you think my nails are too much?
Essie's Mint Candy Apple + dollar store Hot Pink

The Nail Files

5: Indestructable? 
When toy makers say that something is "for rough puppy chewers" and "indestructible"

They Lie.

Guilty party in the background. 


  1. Paw print?!? Yeah, I'm legit going to copy that. Haha!!

    And "indestructible" toys? Yeah freaking right. "Lasts just slightly longer than less expensive toys," would be a better description. ;)

  2. Love the nails! Yes they do lie on those. I am lucky if any toy or bone last more than 2 hours around my dog.

  3. Keep in mind that indestructible TOYS are better than destructible laptop cables, remotes, shoes.. and usually MUCH cheaper.. :)

  4. Cute nails!! Not too much at all! : )

  5. Loving your nails and the necklaces you chose!! Your dog is seriously the cutest.


  6. I love those loafers! They look like they would be so comfortable :)

  7. I love that your nails are inspired by your new puppy. She's adorable, btw. And yeah, dog toys are never indestructible. Most dogs take that claim as a challenge.

  8. Love the minty colors you selected. Like that Essie nail polish too