Monday, June 18, 2012

The Weekend


an EXCELLENT mail day, as I recieved the earrings that I won from Beauty and the Beard last week.

Hellloooo new friends..

I also watched all the Twilight movies. 


Saturday morning, we headed over to Durham.

First stop was Central Park. 

 For the Craft Market, 

and the Farmer's Market. 

 Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my cooler bag, so I didn't pick up anything, 
but we did venture over into the Chili Cookoff. 

 After our mouths were on fire, we went to Fullsteam. 

always a good idea. 

We grabbed a couple pints, 

then scurried over to the game area. 
Someone got the high score on Ms. Pac Man. 

Then we headed off to 9th street
and Cosmic Cantina for some nosh. 

toys, books, coffee, smoothies, and "stuff" OH MY. 

Then, to Duke. 
Hello big chapel!
  to meander around the Rose Garden..

new friend

pre sunburned lobster (for me) and golden tan (for him)
 Finally, we went to BCBB to get Burgers and Beers. 

so. so. good. 
 When we got home we settled in with some cheese and wine and some Goldeneye. 
I've never watched the James Bond series. 
I like em. 


Mike made challah french toast, 
while I went to Home Depot. 

A little role reversal is good sometimes. 

 Some housework, lawn work, and laundry later. 
Oh, and a Firey Hawaiian Pizza from Dominos. (17 minutes from order - delivery)

(Look for Mike's posts on China coming up soon!)
What'd you do this weekend?


  1. What a fun weekend! The farmers market looks like it was great and that french toast, omgosh, it looks amazing! xo

  2. What a fun weekend with lot's of good food! I went to the Farmer's Market as well this weekend but was bummed not to find any fruit! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Looks like a fantastic weekend! And lots of good food!

  4. Looks like an eventful, fun weekend! Food and nature? Yes, please!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  5. Looks like an amazing weekend!! I went to Fullsteam for the first time recently and loved it! I work in Durham and love exploring there :)


  6. LOVE that you got them and like them! YAY!!
    gah, gimme that french toast NOW!

  7. I want to go to a chili cook-off, that sounds so fun! And challah french toast sounds so delicious right now.

    Looks like a great weekend. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Looks like a lovely weekend! Love those flowers at the Farmer's Market...gorg! So many good meals too...yum!

  9. Love your blog! Truly Yours is definitely one of your new followers. I saw that you entered the Head to Toe Chic giveaway to win a Truly Yours necklace and wanted to wish you good luck. I'm actually the founder of the company and really appreciate your kind words and feedback. Thanks for entering!


  10. Looks like a great weekend filled with great food :)