Thursday, November 15, 2012

Going to the chapel and we're...

gonna get married!

Since I have  no idea when I'll get around to putting stuff up in order, 
and I've already dropped enough hints and tortured you enough, let's cut the chase. 


Mike asked me to marry him on 10-11-12. 
Two years after we "officially" started dating (10-11-10)
In Paris. 

Back story, y'all know I moved 3000 miles away to be with this boy, 
and no shortage of pressure had came towards him from both sets of parents, 
and myself, to make it official. 
Give me some sorta commitment.
But, if you know Mike, you pretty much know
 it's not going to happen if he thinks you expect it. 
So, I had given up on anything happening during Europe. 

After a day of touristy things, a fabulous anniversary dinner, 
and a nighttime trip up the Eiffel Tower, 
we settled into our hotel with a bottle of wine, 
as was our nightly tradition while on vacay. 

I was sitting on the bed and Mike came to sit next to me, 
--from here out it's a bit sketchy..but, I'll do my best--
"I really love you, and I want to marry you."
THAT was enough for me, I started getting teary and it was all the commitment I'd needed
and I was thrilled. 
"No," he said, "I mean it"
and BOOM, out came my little ring. 
Well, out came my center stone which I had to give back so they could build the setting
 around it but then they gave me the whole thing back and now it's cool... 
less than an hour before

I was too busy stuttering and asking how, when, why, huh, what, how, 
so Mike had to tell me to say yes. 
Don't worry. I said yes. 
 Now, I stare at my hand. 
I stare in the sun, I stare at night, in the store. 
I stare and grin like a dork. 

Thrilled doesn't begin to describe it. 
I have never in my life been happier, or felt more complete. 

I can't wait to start planning/pinning, 
and take you along for the ride :)

Oh and ALL WE KNOW so far: 2014 and in California. <3


  1. Yay! Congrats to you! Fabulous engagement story. Oh yeah, I went to the Eiffel Tower earlier, and then I got engaged. BAM.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay. SO. EXCITED. YAY. YAY. YAY! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  3. So exciting! Congratulations! The ring is gorgeous, too! :)

  4. So sweet, your ring is beautiful!!!!

  5. Congratulations!! You are very lucky to have found the one.

  6. yay!!! amazing!! your ring is gorgeous!

  7. In my defense, I hadn't fully caught up on all my blogs (from vacation) when I sent that email dropping hints for this post...


  8. I still can't get over that ring!! It's gorgeous! I'm so happy for you both and can't wait to hear all about the planning :)


  9. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! that ring is RIDIC gorgeous. wow!

  10. congrats!!! sooo exciting. and your ring is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Getting caught up on some reading and HOLY CRAP! CONGRATULATIONS! What a gorgeous ring. And Paris? Dreamy. I'm so happy for you!