Monday, November 19, 2012


This was our first "weekend" in Cali. 
I say that because, even though we were here last weekend,
we were still living out of our suitcase and struggling to find everything. 
This weekend was, dare I say, normal?

 We kicked off the weekend, kinda..ish..ok, I just made a good dinner and want to brag. 


Comfort: Meat loaf, veggies, and mashed taters!


After dinner, we headed out to a local pizza joint. 
We're trying to find "our" new place, for watching games, quick bites, and just..hanging out. 
This, was a serious contender.  

Then we came home and skyped with some NC friends during their Thanksgiving gathering. 
It was *really* nice to feel a bit closer to home.  

Then we popped some popcorn, poured some drinks, and watched Indiana Jones.  
yay new jammies!


I put on my NC shirt. 
I know that was the best sentence you've ever read in your entire life. 

We headed into Mountain View to eat at Steak Out,  

to drink beers,  

and have awesome burgers.  

Awesomely LARGE burgers!

We spent the rest of the day rummaging through bookstores (YAY FOR WEDDING PLANNING!), electronic stores (YAY FOR GPS!),  home decor stores, pet stores, and just..being out together. 
yup, and game stop too. 
 Then we went to the movie theatre. 
How come YEARS went buy without wanting to see a movie, 
and now there's 314 that I want to see?

For the record: See Lincoln. 


Mike made breakfast to go with the 10am football game. 

We're still getting used to that last bit. 

Even Shiva decided she'd be better off cuddling up on the couch for a nap. 

The rest of the day was spent with more football, unpacking,
 and general to-do's around the house. 

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  1. looks like lots of great food!! i am jealous!

  2. Okay you just really convinced me that tonight's dinner will be meatloaf and taters, prior to seeing Lincoln! (ironically, I was debating on seeing it, but you and a bunch of other bloggers said to see it!)

    Stopping by from the link up!
    Happy Monday!
    Understated Classics

  3. Those cupcakes looks amazing!!!,


  4. That fall cupcake looks sooo good, and the giant burger is making me hungry!

  5. I can't imagine going from NC to CA with that time difference. 10am football sounds crazy! Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!

  6. Love the pjs! Glad y'all had a great weekend!

  7. first yay for weekends in new homes!! second that burger looks ridic. third - good to know Lincoln is good, i wanna see it. fourth, thanks for linking up!

  8. looks like you had a very yummy weekend! xo