Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What we've been doing

We've been in San Jose since Friday, our stuff has been here since Monday,
and while we were living in the land of airmattresses, two bowls & two forks, and lawn chairs as our only furniture,
we still managed to do a few things..
Wanna see?

We headed downtown to start hunting for "OUR" sushi place. 

We've started buying stuff to decorate, (anyone wanna give us money?) 

You can see our awesome dining table and all our flat/stone ware here. 

We met a college friend of Mike's for dinner. 

I've started scouring for inspiration. 

We were all together as a family. 

Shiva went through her first car wash...

We had "California" food ie: add avocado to errything!

We've had beer over football..

Mike had his first self serve froyo :)

AND THEN LEFT! (yes, that warrants yelling)

Now, we have our stuff, and I have goals to unpack and make a nice home for us. 
With a few trips to Ikea, Michaels, Target, West Elm and possibly BBB to go. <3
I can't wait to show you how it looks along the way and all the little nooks/crannies. 
When are you coming to visit?


  1. Yay!!! So glad you're getting settled and you are finally reunited under one roof :)

  2. "Add avocado to errything." Haha so true! I love me some avocado. :)