Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We're going on a Road Trip!

Well, actually, we went on one. 
But, the above title should be said as if you were "going on a bear hunt."
If you're still lost, let's just move on. 

Mike and I,
along with Shiva, Olive and Oi, 
drove across country one week. 
It sounds hectic, crazy, terrifying and intense, 
but, aside from our attack on Donner Summit,
it was nice. 

Here, in all it's glory, is our 5day, 3000 mile trek. 

Leaving our Home in Raleigh
0 miles. 
Saying goodbye to North Carolina
Saying Hello to Tennessee. 
Sleepy Shiva
Kentucky rest stops are weirdly decorated. 
Kentucky. As far as you can see/drive..just Kentucky

They did this the -entire- time.
St. Louis!
I-40, somewhere...
Kansas City, here we come

We watched Monday Night Football with takeout pizza and local beer... in our hotel. 
Pretty fabulous choice for our only pitstop if you ask me. 
Windmills in Kansas
Great Plains sunset.
Celebrating the election in Golden, Colorado. 


Idaho Springs
No Name, Colorado. Yes, it's a real place. 

Somewhere on 1-70, I hit a milestone with Bella.

heading into Utah

Whotah? Utah?
Black Dragon Canyon
Not hiking..this time. 
Black Dragon Canyon

Mike took a quiz somewhere along the way...

Shiva kept the troops entertained. 

Classic car spotting for Dad. 
Eureka Nevada!
Nevada Dust Storm
Dust storms aren't fun..
Mike will never trust Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives again. 
our first attempt to leave Nevada
Blizzard Traffic. See those trucks? GOING 50. I was going 20 and scared-crying. 
Turning around
Our car back at the Reno hotel. 
Take 2 to make it to California. Note the SNOW in the background. 
Men who put the chains on your car. 
Donner, party of 5. I will Hike this pass one day. 

Shiva was not concerned with death. 
The chains came off!
and down the mountain we chugged. 
We chugged. Shiva chewed. THROUGH MY SEAT BELT. 
Into San Jose, now!
3109miles. If you can't read it. 


  1. sooo fun! I love all these pictures...feels like I travelled with you!

  2. 1. Random question, is that a "B" parking pass in your windshield? Because THAT is pretty impressive if it is.
    2. I want to be as good as you at taking pictures of signs. I kept missing the signs while were in AZ.
    3. Dust storms are definitely sucky.
    4. I'm jealous you got snow.
    5. I love picture blogs. :)

  3. Wow, that was quite the trip!!! I really want to travel across the country some day. I hope you're loving California!


  4. I love this post. Great chronicle of your trip.

  5. Whoa that was a long drive, the furthest I've ever driven was 1000 miles (or maybe it was km, I can't remember) to the South of France. Thanks for showing us all these pictures, I love the one of Shiva with the bone in her mouth - or does she have a long white tongue?! We don't have snow chains here, each winter when it snows we just have to steel our nerves and hope for the best.

    America is huge, I'd love to drive across it one day. I've been to New York 3 times and the last time we walked to Penn Station and bought ourselves tickets to Philadelphia and took a day trip there, leaving really early and returning really late. I'd love to see more, but the whole Florida/Disney thing doesn't appeal at all. We live on a pretty small island really.

    Speaking of which, when are you going to post about your trip to Europe? I want to see/hear all about it.

  6. I love all these pictures! And the fact that you literally got to try beer from all over the country is amazing!