Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorites (and a letter or two)

I really don't know where to start this post. 

The overwhelming support from both IRL friends, blog friends and Facebook friends about our little announcement Wednesday has been fantastic. I so greatly appreciate it. Monday/Tuesday I was feeling very dark and low about the entire move and quite lonely, but it's the little high-fives that make this process SO much easier. 

Cheers to you, from NC to CA!

I'm currently hosting my first giveaway here, sponsored by Julep, and I happen to have heard that the winner might get a little extra somethin' somethin' from yours truly. Sooo, check it out, and enter. 

Favorite Activity around Raleigh
Definitely Cow Spotting. 
It's ridiculous, but so cool! 
I love that this little art installation is here during my last weeks.

Favorite Perk of Moving Away.
Being perfectly allowed to make plans with someone every night. 

Favorite New Productive Place
a Pint + a full set of list making and sketch drawing. 
Holy productive hour Batman!

Favorite Way to Day Dream
I'm obsessed with planning things. I love lists, plans, schedules and a concrete idea of all the little elements of life. That includes outfits, music, books, and what I might do in a random hotel in Tulsa.
This week's Friday Fancies was "road trip" -fitting, eh?-
and I'm definitely pouring over these posts to get inspiration for the road trip, and our Euro Trip

road trip

Favorite Nighttime Ritual
Cocoa Puffs + Milk.
Need I say more?

I promise to get a bit more time this weekend (ish) to get this blog back to where it was before this whole moving thing. 74 73 days and counting and I fully plan on sharing every little second with you, plus, we have a lot to catch up on. Have a great weekend loves. (and go score yourself some nail polish!)


  1. Congrats on the big move! And is that your mani with the writing on it? Ummmm, I need that. Pronto! Happy Friday, Terri.

  2. I can see how moving that far would be scary, but also exciting too. I love planning and making lists too, I've always got a list on the go. I also eat breakfast cereal at night!

  3. Cocoa Puffs ... Yummy!!!

    how exciting :) good luck to you and your family. i look forward to reading how your adventure unfolds.


  4. stopping by from the bargain blonde...feel free to link up here too!

  5. This is my first visit here. I am stopping by from Life Rearranged link up. It looks like you have a lot going on in life right now. Of course, your blog name caught my attention with Wine and lots of wine. LOL. Wish you the best!

  6. New to your blog but what exciting news about your move. Great outfit as well, I think it will be perfect for when you need it!

  7. I've become obsessed w pinning lately too!!

  8. hahaha I love the cow spotting...we have pigs in Cincinnati and they are always so much fun too come across. It's a great decoration to the community and I love how each one is unique! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Twirling Clare

  9. i have to go to Raleigh..even if just to cow spot..

    Happy Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

  10. i have been spying the cows ALL around the area! chapel hill, too! so crazy!!